Tuesday, June 25, 2013

One Year Old Preslee Lifestyle Shoot Round One, Elma Washington

This is one of my absolute favorite sessions I have ever had. Mrs. Preslee Turns One! Enjoy! More to come from this adorable shoot! I just took too many cute pictures.  photo 2013-06-25_0002.jpg  photo 2013-06-25_0004.jpg  photo 2013-06-25_0003.jpg  photo 2013-06-25_0006.jpg  photo 2013-06-25_0012.jpg  photo 2013-06-25_0005.jpg  photo 2013-06-25_0007.jpg  photo 2013-06-25_0009.jpg  photo 2013-06-25_0008.jpg  photo 2013-06-25_0011.jpg  photo 2013-06-25_0010.jpg

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rachelle's Lifestyle Maternity and Family Session, Elma Washington

Hold on for picture overload! This session was from last Fall and I loved the light. It was truly fun working with this family. The kids were so cute and loved me taking their pictures. I thought the out-takes were so funny I kept a lot of those as well. It really just showcases what it is like being in a large family. Enjoy the images!  photo IMG_9681-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9683copy-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9686-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9688-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9689-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9691-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9692-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9693-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9694-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9698-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9700-copySML.jpg  photo IMG_9702-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9705-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9706-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9708-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9709copy-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9712-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9713-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9714-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9715-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9718-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9719-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9720-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9722-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9723-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9725-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9726-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9743-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9749-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9751-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9752-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9755-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9783-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9795-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9807-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9808-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9816-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9820-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9821-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9824-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9825-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9826-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9830-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9838-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9841-copysml-1.jpg  photo IMG_9860-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9873copy-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9883copy-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9884-copysml-1.jpg  photo IMG_9888-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9895-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9916-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9919-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9920-copysml.jpg  photo IMG_9971-copysml.jpg


Thank you very much for fitting me into your busy schedule. I really appreciated it...and the pictures were amazing. Daniel, Me, and Little Daniel are definitely coming to see you for our family picture. Thanks! Rachel Merriweather, NC

I loved my experience with Melinda; I brought my daughter and son to her and
plan to bring the entire family to her next month. She was cheerful and had
some really great ideas but also let you be creative and use your ideas as
well. My daughter absolutely loves her pictures and we have gotten many
compliments on how beautiful they are. In that we have also given many
referrals to people who would love to have the same experience we had. I
highly recommend Melinda for any of your portrait needs!!
Tonya Nelson, McCleary

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